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Convenient English-Urdu Translation

Urdu English Translator is a free Lifestyle App created by theappscastle. The app offers easy translation service from Urdu language into English language and the other way around in seconds.

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  • Find both English and Urdu words
  • Learn new languages
  • Available offline
  • Communicate in both English and Urdu


  • Many missing features
  • Doesn’t teach how to write Urdu manually
  • Translates terms only to the closest meaning
  • No other language available

Not bad

Urdu English Translator is a free Lifestyle App created by theappscastle. The app offers easy translation service from Urdu language into English language and the other way around in seconds.

Finding the Right Term

Urdu English Translator is a digital dictionary mainly utilized for finding the meaning of words between English and Urdu. It is capable of translating any texts, words, and sentences from what the users enter in this app. Both English speakers and Urdu speakers will be able to communicate easily wherever they are across the globe.

Making Word Search Easier

Urdu English Translator comes with useful features to make word searching quicker compared from using a bulky dictionary. Users can either type in English or Urdu through the app’s main interface. Users then select the language opposite from what they have entered earlier and the final output is displayed at the bottom. They can highlight and copy the translated word and press the app’s Copy button. The newly translated word is saved in the device’s temporary clipboard. If they wish to remove the saved word from the app’s interface, they can quickly erase it with the Clear button. The History button tracks back what the users entered for the past few session. This will help users remember the words they were looking for. The app has an additional feature to read and speak translated text, just make sure the English Audio and Urdu Audio features are already installed in the device. This audio feature is useful for conversing with anyone in real time, at the same time know the proper pronunciation of the translated word. The app also runs offline so that users don’t have to connect online and search the right word. In this way, it serves as a dictionary on the go if an online connection is impossible geographically. Since the app runs on most devices, any newly found words are shareable to social media platforms. Users can simply paste the words on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter so that their personal contacts will discover their attempt to expand their vocabulary. Travelers and students will benefit from the app because it provides everything they needed when it comes to communicating between English and Urdu. The app is also created as a learning tool for everyone’s convenience. Users can read new words while traveling abroad, playing online games with their teammates, listening during classes, boarding on a public transit, chatting with friends online or physically, and so much more scenarios. All of these benefits eradicate the problem of language barrier despite the app only providing simple word translation. People will recognize the efforts of users attempting to connect with them by using common vocabulary in English or Urdu.

Expanding Vocabulary

One of the greatest challenges when it comes to traveling abroad is the language barrier. English is widely used globally but there are still some places that strictly use their native language. Places like East Asia and the United Arab Emirates still use Urdu. Urdu English Translator will guide travelers and students to converse with anyone confidently.

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